Here is a sample of what we make. We are only too happy to speak to you about your bespoke requirements for luxury gifts or hampers. Please contact us for more details.

Pie Line Up

Bacon and Egg Pie

KauriFineFoods_Bacon_Egg_Pie_1It has to be said – one of the greatest Kiwi staples! Originally created by my Mum (who is world-famous in Waikanae for this recipe!), we take the leanest of smoked back bacon, farm fresh free range eggs, onion, and mature cheddar, and enclose them in a light layer of puff pastry. Could be an all-day breakfast, Sunday brunch or a light dinner!

* Our next three pie flavours are all encased in short crust pastry and topped with a puff pastry lid.

Steak, Guinness and Cheddar Pie

KauriFineFoods_PiesGenerous chunks of farm assured Best British Beef very slowly cooked in a Guinness-based sauce and topped with tasty cheddar. Hungry yet?

Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie

KauriFineFoods_PiesThe French call it ‘Coq au Vin’, but we think it gets the gastric juices flowing faster with its full description. Succulent pieces of tender chicken thigh, smoked back bacon and button mushrooms gently braised in a Côtes-du-Rhône sauce with plenty of fresh flat-leaf parsley for an added flavour boost.

Spinach and Feta Pie with Buffalo Mozzarella and Sun Blush Tomato

KauriFineFoods_PiesWho said vegetarian needs to be bland? We certainly don’t think so! Try this tasty vegie pie – the description’s in the name. Need we say more?

Tasty Extras

Fresh Basil Pesto

KauriFineFoods_Fresh_Basil_Pesto_1We think we have one of the best tasting outside of Italy, but don’t take our word for it! Taste for yourself. Nothing but fresh basil, lashings of Grana Padano and toasted pine nuts, with just enough olive oil to combine. It doesn’t come more pure than this!

Chilli- Spiced Almonds

KauriFineFoods_Chilli_Spiced_AlmondsWhole blanched almonds coated in a cumin and chilli-infused caramel. CAUTION: Seriously addictive!

Aubergine Pickle

KauriFineFoods_Tomato_Chilli_JamIf you like Branston’s, then you’ll love this! A great accompaniment to a ploughman’s platter, roast meats, or to add some sparkle to your next sandwich.

Tomato Chilli Jam

KauriFineFoods_Tomato_Chilli_JamNot too spicy, not too tame, just right…

We like serving this tasty little number as an easy dip (just pour a little over some Philadelphia cream cheese), with barbecued meat, or to accompany a cheeseboard.

Sweet Kiwi Treats

“Diet-Be-Damned” Brownie

KauriFineFoods_Chocolate_BrownieThe name says it all! Loaded with 70% cocoa solid Belgian Callebaut Chocolate and Dutch cocoa, there is little not to like if you consider yourself a brownie connoisseur! Moist, chocolatey and oh-so-devilish. Guaranteed to put a smile on any chocoholic’s face.

Anzac Biscuits

KauriFineFoods_ANZAC_Biscuit_2Whilst they were originally sent with the New Zealand and Australian soldiers to WWII (hence the name), there is no rationing here! Lots of organic rolled oats and desiccated coconut combined with golden syrup and unsalted butter for a nutritious tasty little snack. We also make these in a dairy-free version by request.


cropped-KauriFineFoods_ANZAC_Biscuit_1.jpgNobody seems to know where the name came from for these delicious cookies, but they are certainly a firm Kiwi favourite! Best described as a buttery chocolate shortbread, iced with pure 70% cocoa solid Belgian chocolate and topped with a perfect pecan half. Lovely as petits-four with coffee.

Melting Moments (Yo Yos)

KauriFineFoods_Yo_Yos_1Whilst the traditionalists will argue these are two different biscuits, we say our Yo Yos behave like Melting Moments, so let’s stick with that! Melt-in-your-mouth custardy treats which appeal to all ages!

Seasonal Selection

Signature Christmas Pudding

KauriFineFoods_Signature_Christmas_Cake_3Made with an original secret recipe. A deliciously light and seriously tasty Christmas Pudding bursting with the finest of dried fruit and a generous dose of 3-year-old cask aged brandy.

Each pudding is carefully crafted by hand, gently steamed and allowed to mature, before it reaches your table.

Signature Christmas Cake

KauriFineFoods_Signature_Christmas_Cake_3We pride ourselves in selecting only the finest dried fruit, spices, full-bodied sherry, and 3-year-old brandy to make this moist, fruit-rich cake. With over 60% fruit content (made up of the tastiest Vostizza currants, Turkish raisins, sultanas, and other dried fruits) we lovingly steep the fruit in sherry for a minimum of 24 hours, then combine with just enough batter to hold it together. Each cake is then finished with a quarter cup of 3-year-old brandy for an extra special boozy kick!

Why not order our Signature Christmas Pudding or Cake as a special gift for corporate clients or difficult-to-please family members (we all have those!).